Monday, 17 July 2017

Pressure Washer Foam Cannon to Wash Your Car in Safe Manner

If you are lookingfor the effectiveness of your pressure washer today, perhaps the idea of investing in a foam cannon can be a good one. Car washing is not an easy task if you don’t have the right kind of tools to use on the job. At times, for the case of a car, engine and under cleaning might prove to be a tedious task if you are handling it without specialized tools.

That is exactly why the foam cannons are currently in the market to fulfill that purpose. Pressure washer foam cannon can work for your car in best way. If today you would like to transform your pressure washer into a high-powered foamer, the cannon might offer the service you need. This attachment allows you to cover your car in a flurry of foam much faster than any other related product on the market.

The foam lance works together with a pressure cooker in order to produce thick, clinging foam. This means that when you are using this product, you can easily give your car a touch-free wash with lots of efficiency. This kit will definitely blow you away when you use it for the first time.

The main benefit of using the pressure washer foam cannon when you want to deliver soap to your car is that it does not need you to keep touching the vehicle every other time. The cannon therefore sprays a thick coat of soap onto the car so as to loosen any dirt that might have stuck on its surface. When you are washing a dusty car, the use of the foam cannon is enough to accomplish the desired kind of results.

There is no doubt that very few cannons are able to produce the amount of foam produced by this product. Even, the foam clings into place along the vertical planes so that you can wash your car safely and effectively.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Eco-Friendly Snow Foam Lance

Snow foam lances are among those bestselling car wash products, which are known for their quality design and fittings. By connecting with a pressure washer the lances render car cleaning fun and more outstandingly minimize the risk of swirls and scratches often caused during the wash process. Made from a solid brass body and a stainless steel nozzle it delivers quality foaming which feels satisfyingly solid. The lance provides a wide range of connector attachments for your pressure washer, like the Karcher, Bosch, and Kranzle. Snow foam lance transforms your pressure washer to a former. Snow foam lance works in conjunction with a pressure washer thus generating a flood of foam that covers your vehicle in no time. And with the help of this high power foam gun, you are guaranteed for a fast, easy and fun way to wash your vehicle. The lance comes with a manual for ensuring that you follow proper maintenance steps for its best performance. The makers of lance have surely kept in mind economics by assuring total product exploitation. Also, the lance allows you to change its spray pattern using the valve. Additionally, you can select from a variety of adaptors that the snow foam lance comes with so that it fits right with any stainless steel pipe you are going to use. The flurry of foam formed when the snow foam lance is used with a pressure washer offers efficient car wash. This is because the wash process uses very minimal volumes of water for a full vehicle wash. This is put into effect with the high-pressure washer thus making snow foam lance entirely eco-friendly. 

The snow foam lancemix is transferred through a pick up pipe on the bottle and forced through the hard wearing brass, steel and plastic lance at a high pressure to create a thick binding foam that not only breaks down the grime but actually suspends it in the foam so it can gradually drip down without pressured contact on the paintwork. The reason professional detailers recommend this sort of pre-wash treatment is because if you were to skip straight to a shampoo with a wash mitt you will be agitating all the abrasive particles of dirt on your paint causing swirls and scratches that are costly to fix with a machine polisher. Keeping the paint clean is essential for stopping rust and degradation of the quality and the lower the quality the lower the cars value when you go to trade it in. There are lots of different brands and styles of pressure washer and snow foam lance to fit almost all of them so if you don’t see yours on the list we may be able to order it.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Considering on Hiring Good Air Pressure Washer

Pressure washers make it smooth to clean something from a concrete patio to a vehicle. They’re designed to wash away dust, mud, mould, paint, clay and different debris from a surface. The reason pressure washers are so good at what they do is they employ large amounts of pressure to make washing away even the toughest filth easy.

if you are considering hiring an air pressure washer, it’s an amazing idea to realize precisely what to look for and the way to use the machine to its fullest potential so you can get your job done quickly and without any hassle.

How an air pressure washer works?
Most air pressure washers that you can hire for home or business use connect to an exciting water supply, like your garden hose, for instance. So models do have tanks for storing water. They pressurize the water by using an engine, after which launch it at excessive speeds so the force of the water can be used to clean and wash particles away.
The air pressure washer has a button near the nozzle that lets in you to stop and start the water stream and lots of models allow you to adjust the water pressure.

What an air pressure washer can do?
The most common use for a pressure washer is cleaning. The water underneath excessive pressure makes it smooth wash away even the stubborn dirt and grime and can make a deck, sidewalk, walkway, brick pathway, building or other surface seem like new.
Some types of pressure washes make it feasible to combine cleansing chemicals or even sand with water to get rid of things like old paint or graffiti.
Different air pressure washers have different level of pressures, so some are more suitable to positive obligations. As you can use a very low air pressure washer to clean your automobile, and a higher pressure washing machine to clean the filth off your driveway.

Choose the right air pressure washer
There may be a huge variety of air pressure washers available, and choosing the right one is essential. Choosing the wrong washer for your job can make your process more difficult and may even cause damage to the surface you are working with. So come to Car care cheap online and find the best air pressure washer for your work. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Improved Snow Foam Car Wash at Car Care

Clean your car with exceptional snow foam! Snow foam at car care is the first auto shampoo especially designed to create copious quantities of cleansing suds in a foam cannon or foam gun. use the snow foam car wash for a touch less wash on your storage queen show vehicle, or as part of your -bucket wash in your wintry weather warrior covered in salt, mud, and muck. Traditional wash techniques push dust around on painted surfaces, inducing scratches and marring marks that rob your car of shine. The use of car care snow foam in a foam gun or foam cannon for the duration of your car wash substantially reduces the possibilities of scratching your car as you wash, and adds tons of a laugh to the procedure!

Thisph.-neutral method is gentle on wax coatings, and secure to use in direct daylight for a niche-unfastened wash. Flip each Sunday morning car wash right into a foam party with automobile care snow foam. The snow foam is gentle and surface secure so it is able to clean any area of your automobile from wheels to paintwork. The ph-balanced formulation even permits you to scrub your vehicle or truck in direct sunlight. Snow foam car wash rinses easy every time without a residue for a smooth surface as a way to clutch attention. The high stage of froth produced with the aid of car care snow foam makes this high-tech detailing shampoo best for foam cannons and foam weapons.

At car care we believes in utilizing the maximum advanced generation to present specialists and enthusiasts the satisfactory detailing experience viable. Unsuitable washing and drying reasons scratches and swirl marks that dull paintwork. For you to take this snow foam car wash to the following stage, our chemists advanced top class awesome polymers and hyper surfactants that launch dust, dirt, and particles letting them definitely be rinsed away for a scratch-free wash. 

The top rate exquisite polymers internal our car care snow foam car wash let you wash any floor thoroughly, maintaining that display-winning shine. Use this snow foam on your -bucket wash and with a foam cannon or foam gun for closing versatility. It takes your weekly wash to the subsequent degree of perfection!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Foam Cannon with Different Features

If you are searching to boost the effectiveness of your pressure washer today, perhaps the idea of investing in a foam cannon might be a good one. Car, carpet, and rug washing is not an easy task if you don’t have the right kind of tools to use on the job. At times, for the case of a car, engine and under cleaning might prove to be a tedious task if you are handling it without specialized tools.

Cover your vehicle in a flurry of foam quickly with the Foam Canon available at Car Care Cheap! This Foam Canon works with a pressure washer to produce a thick, clinging foam. Give your vehicle a “touch-free” wash with this high powered foam gun. The Foam Canon will blow you away! The benefit of using a foam gun to deliver the soap to the vehicle is that it doesn’t require you to touch the vehicle, which could rub dirt against the paint. The Snow Foam Canon sprays the vehicle with a thick coat of soap to loosen and lubricate dirt. On dusty or lightly dirty vehicles, you may not even need to hand-wash. The snow foam canon minimizes the amount of hands-on contact with the vehicle, which can minimize wash-induced swirls.

Features of the foam cannon by  Car Care Cheap:
·         Heavy Duty Design, perfect for enthusiast or professional use.
·         Foam Cannon with Quick Connector and other various connectors available.
·         Quality design and fittings provide excellent durability.
·         Maximum Pressure 160 Bar.
·         Max Temp 60 Degrees.
·         Variable, adjustable Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
·         Fully Adjustable dilution with setting dial.

·         Complete with your choice of connector.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Foam Cannon Tips For Better Utilization

Foam Cannon is utilized for cleaning cars in a hassle free manner. Here are few tips to mak it in a better way.

Pick out the right foam cannon
Maximum foam cannon models are made to work on all types of cars. You’ll find that each foam washer can create up to 60 to 90 PSI to clean cars. Ensure that you select the right pressure in your foam cannon to provide the right quantity of foam. 

Use the foam cannon in proper manner
Foam cannons are supposed to be used with specific compressors a good way to direct the blast of the soap onto the car floor. Don’t rub the froth created onto the paint of the car. You need to pick the right angled pointers of the cannon head to make sure that the foam is directed successfully onto the auto. Hold the angled tip 2 to 3 feet away from the car to make sure that the paint job isn't damaged.
Pick the proper soap formulations

Every manufacturer who makes pressure nozzles and foam cannons may also make specific brand soap to be used with the cannon. Inquire with the manufacturer when you purchase the foam cannon. Strong soap can consume your paint job and cause numerous scratches at the floor of your car.

Better washing technique

There's a particular method for cleaning the car. You need to begin on the top of the car and then keep to the bottom. Make sure that you clean the car properly, starting from the top. Don't work the other way around or you will blast the grit and sand from the tires and the car backside onto the paint job. You could use the same foam cannon with a foam cleaner leather to clean out the interiors of the car. All you have to wait for the foam to work then wash it off with the water pressure.
Operational specifics for an awesome paint job

Every spray cannon which you use could have approximately 40 to 90 PSI pressure and it'll create approximately 1-half of gallons of pressure per minute. You will be able to get fan attachments that paintings to create the fine coverage. If you cast off the fan attachment you will get a direct stream of thick foam. The foam cannon that you get should have an anti-siphon to protect the water deliver from being pulled back into the cleaning water.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Foam Cannon is Better Car Washer

Pressure washers are till now amazing invention to clean your car. Best thing about these washers is that they are able to clean areas in minutes that would otherwise take hours for you. However, sometimes, even the best pressure washer can come up short because it does not have the capacity to clean the greasy spots with soap in the driveway or to give your vehicle a good washing. If you are facing a problem in dealing with, you simply have to find the best foam cannon for your particular electric pressure washer and what you plan to use. The thing is, before you run out and purchase a foam cannon, there are a few things you should consider, such as whether you are buying the one you want.

The differences between Foam Gun and a Foam Cannon

Though these two things seems similar but are very different in its utilization; even if their job is the same. One of the main differences is the way you are going to use them. A foam gun is designed for regular garden hose whereas the foam cannon is designed to be used with a pressure washer. A foam gun will not work when you are going to attach it with a different pressure washer. The same can be done with a foam canon. You will definitely going to receive your result with foam canon only.

Most of the time, people use foam cannon to wash their vehicle with their pressure washer because a pressurized washer can knock dirt off better than a standard garden hose. However, if you enjoy having a car that is even cleaner than what a pressure washer can do, then you need a foam cannon.

The job of the cannon is to apply a foam before you begin washing your car. The foam is thick and if you apply it from the top of the car and down, a lot of the dirt that is on your car should roll away with it. Then, when you get to actually wash your vehicle, you will not be using a sponge in circles while you wash. You will end up with less streaks and lessen the potential scratches that may come along with dragging dirt around in your wash rag or sponge.

With the foam gun pressure washer, you may eliminate most of the dirt, but removing most does not mean you will remove as much dirt as you could. The foam cannon, when used as a pre-soak, can easily eliminate more of the dirt. It even removes those stuff that you cannot see easily and if you purchase the accurate soap or detergent, it will also help to protect your vehicle paint during soaking. You must discover the right pressure washer foam cannon for your machine.